What is Grofers Clone?

Grofers Clone is a solution for someone to start a service like Grofers. We provide Web App, Android App and iOS App with source code so that you focus on business and leave the tech to us.

Is it Grofers Code?

No its not Grofers code. We are not affiliated to Grofers in any way. Code which we develop is ours which you will get license for. Its just our interpretation of how Grofers work.

Will the design similar to Grofers?

No Design and UI won't be similar to Grofers apps as they have copyright over that. But functionality and business model will be same as that doesn't come under legal scanner. So legally there won't be any problem.

What will i get?

You will get full source code of the ordered item.

  • If you choose Android App, you will get Web Admin panel + Android App Source Code
  • If you choose iOS App, you will get Web Admin panel + iOS App Source Code
  • If you choose Website, Android App, iOS App, you will get Web Admin Panel + Website Frontend + Android App Source Code + iOS App Source Code

How can i buy/pay?

As for Payment Options we support EMI, Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking and Paypal. Please contact us to get the quote according to your requirements.

What about Hosting?

We provide hosting as a separate package. it is managed hosting and its pricing varies as per need of app.

What about Updates and Patches?

You will get regular Updates and Patches of Script via email. Updates in minor versions will be free for 6 months. Any major version change of the script will not be included in update. However we may reduce price for you if you have purchased older version.

Can we modify it?

Yeah you can totally modify it as per your needs. Its 100% Open Source and is not encrypted at all. It is also Developer friendly. 10 minutes look at the code and you will understand everything if you are a developer.

What about support?

Free Technical Support with response time of 24 hrs comes along with your purchase. It is valid upto 6 months and is limited to bug fixing. It doesn't include any new feature development.

What about customization?

We will take full requirements of yours and quote you accordingly. Should you require any more features in future we will quote you accordingly for that feature.

What about refund?

You will get Full Open Source Code once you buy it so there won't be any refund given to you afterwards. We suggest you to check demo properly before full payment.